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precision nutrition

We currently offer two services as a part of Precision Nutrition. These include personalised, individual consultations around your health.


Our bodies contain trillions of microbes, which are vital to the development of a strong immune system, regulation of hormones, the synthesis of vitamins and neurotransmitters, digestion of fibres, elimination of toxins and the production of energy metabolites. These microbes play a crucial role in keeping your overall health in prime condition, which is why we believe a healthy gut is the foundation of all health, and understanding our gut microbiome is one of the first steps we can take to make lasting positive change to our overall health.

Who would benefit from this test?

Whilst everyone benefits from understanding their gut microbiome, there are numerous ways in which poor gut health can manifest:

• Constipation &/or diarrhoea

• Recurring colds & flu

• Food allergies and intolerances

• Brain fog and memory problems

• A sluggish metabolism & unexplained weight gain

• Low energy & fatigue

• Mood swings, depression & anxiety

• A range of skin issues

• Disturbed sleep

what can the test tell me?

Our test is one of the most comprehensive on the market.

Health You will get an in depth analysis of your health. The test checks ratios of bacteria in your gut, informing you of your level of protection for obesity, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diabetes Type II and Coronary Heart Disease. You will also get an analysis of your microbiome diversity, and a personalised list of food recommendations.

Vitamins & Nutrition The test provides vitamin synthesis, your gut’s ability to break down dietary fibre, and your guts butyrate levels.

Bacteria The test will tell you your microbiome type, bacterial diversity and how resistant your microbiome is, and what nationality your microbiome and diet is most similar to.

Your microbiome is strongly influenced by outside factors, such as your dietary habits, illness, antibiotics and more, which means that you can strengthen your gut through modifications, which we will personally recommend in our one to one consultation. For best results, we recommend doing this test at regular intervals, and particularly after any big lifestyle changes.

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dna test

Our DNA test is incredibly comprehensive, and provides you with:

  • Disease risks influenced by genes and lifestyle
  • Carrier status, child risk for hereditary diseases
  • Impact on vitamins, nutrients and predisposition to gluten, lactose, alcohol, and caffeine
  • Athletic predisposition to performance and injury
  • DNA Ancestry, origins and neanderthal genes
  • Unique personal traits determined by genes

Once you receive your test results , they will compromise of:

  • 353 reports: Your carrier status for 322 hereditary conditions, 20 disease risks, and 16 other health related traits
  • 21 reports covering your metabolism of vitamins and micronutrients, predisposition to nutrient intolerance and dietary recommendations
  • 12 reports evaluating your risk for sport injuries
  • 3 reports on your ancestry composition, maternal and paternal haplogroups, ratio of neanderthal genes
  • 12 reports on the impact of genetics on your unique traits, such as odour sensitivity and iris structure

We have partnered with Atlas Biomed’s labs for these tests, and your DNA sample is analysed using advanced molecular technology in a certified EU lab.

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